About Us

The Government House Historical Society began as the Saskatchewan House Committee in 1969 when a small group of people (from the Council of Women, The Chamber of Commerce, the IODE and other local organizations) lobbied for restoration of Saskatchewan House. That small group of people succeeded! Saskatchewan House was declared an historical site in 1971, restoration of the House began in 1977, and it officially opened as a museum and was renamed Government House on September 4, 1980.

The public was given access to Government House in 1981 — the same year the Saskatchewan House Committee incorporated as the Government House Historical Society (the GHHS). Every year since then, the GHHS has continued to expand and thrive as we tackle ventures in keeping with our mission — with input from the public, our members, and our volunteers.

Government House has been restored to the period of Lieutenant Governor Amédée Forget (1898-1910), so it offers a delightful taste of life in the House at the turn of the 20th century. The GHHS works hard to repatriate the Government House furniture and other items that were auctioned off in 1945.

The historical aspect of Government House as it was and how it has evolved is well documented, however, we need to say in this article as well that since “the public was given access to Government House in 1981”, the public is welcome to visit this  grand place.  It is not merely a building, it is truly the people’s House come and be part of it, bring friends and relatives to stroll through the House or take part in the many activities of the House or of the Society.