GHHS Board (2016-17)

An elected, working Board of Directors oversees the projects and activities of the Government House Historical Society. The Society’s Bylaws govern Board members’ activities and terms of office.


Iris Sirke, President, joined the Board in 2010. She served on the Board as Treasurer for four years and became the President in April 2015. She also serves on the Annual Antiques and Collectible Auction, the Black Tie and Tower of Attraction Committees.

JoAnn Lupastin, Vice President, Secretary, joined the Board in April 2014. She is Chair of the Food Committee and is a member of Volunteer and Recognition Committee, the Black Tie and the By-Law & Policy committees.

Lorna Bingaman, Treasurer, joined the Board in 2012. She has been a GHHS member and a volunteer for the Victorian Tea Room for over 10 years.



Sheila Carson has been a volunteer with the Government House Historical Society for twenty three years. This is her second term on the board of directors. In the past she was president of the Society for twelve years.  She is currently the coordinator for the Victorian Tea Room and the last volunteer still working with the tea room who was part of its launch as a one year project in 1991.

Charlene Balion became a Director of the Board in April 2016. She has been a member of the Mackenzie Art Gallery Volunteer Board prior to joining GHHS.

Elayne Bennett Fox is the Chair of the 2016 Black Tie Committee. She has volunteered with GHHS for the past two years and is also a volunteer with the Globe Theatre, the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Mackenzie Art Gallery.

Kevin Gooding, Volunteer Coordinator Board Liason, joined the Board in April 2015. He is a member of the Black Tie Committee and volunteers on Jocko’s Friends.

Leona Howe is on the Victorian Tea Room Steering Committee and has been a member and volunteer for GHHS for several years. She is also a member of the Christmas Market and was previously on the Jocko’s Friends committee.

Bonnie Racz joined the GHHS Board April 2014. She is on the Victorian Tea Room Committee and volunteers for the Annual Antique and Collectible Auction Committee.

Dale Richardson was elected Director of GHHS in April 2016. He has been a very active volunteer and member of the Society for several years, helping out at the AA&CA and Black Tie Auctions, the Victorian Teas, and the Lieutenant Governor’s Garden Party.

Reagan Reese Seidler was elected as a Director in April, 2016. Reagan is new to the Society but not new to volunteering. He has volunteered with several organizations including the Regina Symphony Orchestra, the Regina Food Bank, the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Regina Cat Rescue.

Nettie Uhren, Membership Director, has been an active member of the Society and the Annual Antique and Collectible Auction and Black Tie Committees for several years.