Let’s share ideas from COVID-19 stay home order

There are some challenges when we are in a compulsory stay home order, just as we are experiencing right now due to COVID-19. Like other things, some of the challenges become blessings in disguise. Click share ideas for details.

Many people might not realize that GHHS has Junior and adult members. The junior members known as Jocko’s Friends (JF), was named after Jocko a Capuchin monkey and the companion of the last Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories and the first Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Amédée Forget. Jocko’s Friends has two levels of membership; Junior members (ages 6-12) and Senior members (ages 13-16). It’s only $5 a year to register your child to become GHHS junior member. Jocko’s Friends are also active volunteers at GHHS/GH events, and in 2019 they recorded 244 volunteers hours. Visit our website https://govhousesociety.ca/jockos-friends/ for more information on JF and how to register your child.